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Optimum Green Research Laboratories has recently conducted four media releases to announce these revolutionary health products. We are confident that each of the following products will be a global success. We are however only releasing introductory, promotional production samples at this stage, bending securing a fair commercial deal with an investor. 
It's the evolution of coffee. We made coffee good for you.
Coffee has several positive health properties beyond what most people may know. You would have to read the attached literature, including a video by an independent MD researcher to appreciate this fact. However, it also has negative properties. For one to obtain a significantly effective positive dose, one would need to consume about a dozen cups of coffee a day. But, if you consume that much coffee, you'll also suffer the negative side-effects of its unwanted properties.  So, What's the answer? 

We answered the question: 
How to obtain the benefits of a dozen cups of coffee from one cup of coffee, and thus not consume the negative properties of more than just one cup of coffee?

We extracted the good properties of coffee that exist in natural herbs, and enriched the organic beans by inserting these very same properties. Of course, the exact math and the right chemistry is the key here. The result is a rich taste, and an incredible health value. The following links will give you a better and a more detailed picture of the project.  The initial commercial name for product was "Gouda Coffee" - since there are several food products that carry the "Gouda" name, from cheese to sauces, rice... etc - and considering that the patent / copyright was issued to its creator, Dr. Gouda. However, the marketers suggested "Cafe Canadiana" instead.      



interested in the project?

Or visit:   www.cafecanadiana.com
We applied the same approach to tea.
Maximizing its good, and minimizing its bad.

The tea site will tell you all about it:


Click HERE to order or High-End Health Tea. A blind of Green - Black - White teas, enriched with plant hormones and other natural extracts.
  Yes, coffee properties, which exist separately in the indicated plants, reduce your risk of diabetes by 13% with just one cup a day. But, if you drank twelve cups a day, you could reduce the risk of diabetes by an incredible 67%.  
  Six cups of coffee a day had an 18% reduction in prostate cancer and a 40% reduction of aggressive lethal cancer, and reduced the risk of liver cirrhosis by 84%. 
  Five cups a day for five weeks began to reverse Alzheimer’s damage in the brain by reducing levels of amyloid-beta, both in the blood and the brain; and reduced the risk of Parkinson’s and other dementia cases, including Alzheimer’s – even prevention of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems and stroke by 47%, 
  And five cups a day reduced it by 60%. 
Women who drank 1-3 cups of coffee a day had a 24% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.  

Now, having listened to this video and read the attached literature, wouldn't it be great to have a cup of coffee that would give you all these GOOD benefits of 12 cups, yet virtually no harm beyond that of a single cup of coffee? Cafe' Canadiana is the answer.

                                                                                                                                       Click here to order our Specialty High-End Health Coffee.
Interested in more information about coffee's good properties?

Here are three exciting links:



Sex drive

The libido
There are several products on the market dealing with erectile deficiency, most of which are scams, some even promise a longer penis, and a few are practically useless. Then there are drugs such as Viagra that masks the problem with a chemical alteration that deals with one single side of the issue, thus creating an imbalance “side effects” that includes blindness and stroke. There is a way to mimic the complete and natural hormonal chemistry of our youth. A revolutionary idea by a chemist with a doctorate in related chemistry who had authored several university textbooks in science, a medical book, and several medical research papers. 

For the reasons explained in the attached presentation, we're seeking overseas investors for a manufacturing operation headquarter planned in the Middle East (a reason other than the 8 years it would take in North America before it can be sold.) Please take the time to read about “The Green Pill.” We called it “O.G.”  

Click on the file to the right for a detailed presentation.
   The 4th product is specialty veterinary dog supplements for giant and large breeds. These man-developed breeds have a short lifespan, and they are vulnerable to serious health threats including cancer, shoulder & hip issues, and cardiac arrest. In nature, only 2 pups out of an average 10-pub litter would survive, and they would only live to an average age of 3 years. The one-size-fits-all supplements sold in many pet stores are not the answer. They need a specific ratio of minerals, vitamins, and hormonal compounds, without which these breeds would experience severe developmental problems. 
   We have developed proven formulas whose results over the years were indisputable. The formulas were certified by EDRA and EVRI over 16 years ago, and since then they have been sold at specialty stores and many vet clinics for a decade. The scientist-creators and their associates have been using these supplements for two decades with incredible success. When the average Great Dane lives to age 5 or 6, and only the ones on our supplements (from the same litter) lived a healthy life to age 12 to 14 years, it is a solid statement. The five Danes owned by our chemists are now between 12 to 15 years old, and are as healthy and as playful as month-old pups. Yet, the parents of ALL these five dogs had died at age 6 to 8 year-old. And, although the individual dogs on OG-Supplements are now 14+ year old healthy Danes and Hounds, their siblings, pups from the same litters, didn’t make it past age 7. This is a very significant data.  Think about this bold fact. 
   The product is sold by KRUUSE AIMMAX in Europe under a limited commercial license, and in North America at specialty stores and selected vet clinics. It is also being marketed for a wide commercial licensing to the right marketer. The nature of the formula and the cost involved limited it to elite clinics and elite clients.  The mother-laboratory, OGL Canada, offers a promotional sale at 30% lower price than the European's.   

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An update / announcement
A two-year, conditional contract and a tentative extension agreement with Abiogen Italy, a leading pharma manufacturer has been signed.  
An update / announcement:  
A  one-year  conditional   contract  and  a     tentative     extension      agreement   with    KRUUSE AIMMAX,    a   leading   European   Veterinary  Laboratory,  has  been  signed.  
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