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   ​ Large Breed dogs need a different approach to health and longevity. Any dog 60 - 100+ lb in weight or 22+ inch shoulder height is a large and/or giant breed. Most of these breeds are man-developed and they suffer several health issues, including cancer, shoulder & hip issues, and cardiac arrest  at early as 3rd. year, and on average they die as you young as 5 year-old.  

   Most breeders don't bother because they approach breeding as a mere commercial project. Some argue "leave it to nature," failing to tell you that in nature only a pup or two out of a litter would survive, and would only make it to age 3 or 4. Of course they wouldn't apply that logic to themselves and leave a pregnant woman to nature, no medical care, special diet or supplements! 

Out of over 600 breeds, these are the popular large & giant breeds include Danes, Massifs, Hounds, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Shephards, Doberman, Labradors, big Terriers, Borzoi, Leonberger, Bulldogs, Spaniels, Braque, Broholmer, Corso, Cao, Sheepdog, Cursino, Wolf, Dalmation, Quatemalteco, Kanni, Saluld, Labradors, Vizsla, Boxers, Weimaraner,  ... and any dog over 60 lb or 22 inch tall. 

   These supplement are supported by over 18 years of 100% positive results.

   Here is an interesting data: 5 Great Danes alive today owned by our staff are between 12 - 14 year-old, and are very healthy. We believe they will make 18 year-old, and for a Great Dane or a similar giant or large dog, this is very good. The best part is, the parents of these 5 Danes, at the breeders' kennels, did not make it past age 7. And, all the siblings from the same litters dies at or under age 8. Yet, from each letter, only the dog on OGL supplements is now a healthy 12+ year old alive and well.  We have no doubt, a well-bred, well-fed and cared for giant breed dog can live a very long healthy life. Just like us, humans, genetics, diet, health supplements, exercise and life style - all of them, not just genetics, will make all the difference. We strongly advise you to read the material posted by one of the OG scientists who is a Dane lover and had bred Danes.  

This is the page:  http://anubisgreatdanes.homestead.com/openingpage.html
or: http://anubisgreatdanes.homestead.com/directory.html

   We strongly advise against common dog supplements - the one-size fits all. They are helpful for young breed dogs, but can be very harmful to large breed dogs. There is a critical balance that must be maintained such as Ca, K, Mg relative ratio, and at different stages of the large dog's development. If that ratio is wrong, harmful deposits and chemical complications can cause a lot more harm than good. Large breeds MUST get that help or they will suffer diseases and pre-mature death.  

Along with a quality dog food product for giant breeds (pup or dog) we also recommend raw beef, goats' milk, and raw veggies flavoured for the dog to accept it. You can use chicken soup or can food. This may seem expensive, when in fact it can cost as little as $2 a day, the price of a cup of coffee.  With the supplements, you will be giving the dog's health and life an extra 70% post.      

  The commercial aspect of the project has been recently acquired by the European pharma manufacturer KRUUSE AIMMAX on a conditional two-year implementation agreement, during which conditional distribution for market promo and study in small quantities is allowed directly through OPCL here.  Commercial resale, large quantity orders over 1000 pills will be referred to KRUUSE  Pharma.

The products will be available in several European countries at the end of the year, and at selected pet shops and vet clinics in North America next year. We already know that suggested price will be over twice the price offered on this page.

LGB-S    For the sire, prior to breeding.  A one-month supply. $65

LGB-D     For the dam prior to breeding. A one-month supply.   $80  

LGB-D2  For the dam during the first month of pregnancy.  A one-month supply.  $65

LGB-D3  For the dam during month-2 of the pregnancy.  A one-month supply.  $55

LGB-D4  For the dam during the first two months of post whelping.  A two-month supply.  $125


LGB-P1  For pups from day 7 to age 3 weeks.  A two-week supply.  $30  (per pup)
LGB-P2  For pups age 3 to 8 weeks.  A five-week supply.  $45

LGB-P3  For pups age 2 to 6 months.   A four-month supply    $120    "$30 X 4 months"

LGB-P4  For pups age 6 months to a year.  A six-month supply.  $180   "$30 X 6 months"


LGB-A    For the large breed dog age 1 -3 years.   
                     Available as a  six-month supply, or a one full year supply.         
                                                                                   A 6-month supply:: $330  ($55/month X 6) 
                                                                                   A one-year supply: $585 "recommended."  
                     A one-year supply offers 12% off. A $75 saving.  As well, the lower S&H cost of one                               single shipment for a full year supply.  

​LGB-A2  For large breed dog age 4-8 years.     A 12-month supply: $540  (based on $45X12)
​                                                                                 A 6-month supply: $330.

​LGB-A3  For large breed dogs age 9 - 12 years  A 12-month supply.  $696  (based on $58X12) 
​                                                                                   A 6-month supply: $390

LGB-A4  For large breed dog age 12+ years.      A 12-month supply   $864   (based on $72X12)
​                                                                                   A 6-month supply: $480


LGB-C    For large breed coat & skin health.    $55   A 6-month supply. 

S&H extra, and is based on weight & destination.  
Tax: in Canada, 12%.    Outside Canada: No tax.
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