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Cafe` Canadiana's concept.  

Introducing coffee as a health food product.  
As explained in the attached scientific report, coffee has incredible health values. However, to get the an effective, positive dose, one would need to consume about 10 or more cups a day. If you do, you would also be subjected to the harmful properties of coffee. 

We answered the question: 
how to get the effective, positive, good properties dose you would get from 10 cups of coffee, and you would still be subjected to the unwanted negative properties of just one cup?

It is the revolution of coffee. The only significantly and naturally enriched coffee that offers you the good properties of coffee, without the bad. 

We extracted coffee's good properties from other organic herbs and plants, and inserted them in a scientifically, medically, and very specific relative mathematical ratio. Now, one cup of this coffee will give you the needed effective dose of the good properties that otherwise would require you to consume about 10 cups of coffee. Visit the "products" page and view the medical reports and other relative material.

 Indeed we made coffee good for you.  And it will will taste like a perfect cup of coffee should.  

Order a jar and enjoy both taste and health benefits.  

Our specialty high-end health coffee is reasonably priced at $18.85 for a half Lb. jar that would render 75 cups of coffee. An average cost of 25 cents a cup. You' may order one jar, however, S&H is extra. We charge a minimum of $4 only. Actual S&H cost is here, and we subsidize at a rate relative to order size. For a better saving on S&H, we recommend an order of 6, 12 or 24 jars - or a package of 5 Lbs (equiv. to 10 jars.)   No tax applies to this product.

​ ​For information on the coffee formula, benefits - including medial reports, and a full presentation, please visit: 
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   The price per a 1/2 lb jar or bag is $18.85.  Local basic shipping cost is approx. $5. Actual S&H cost is subsidized by us. Postage cost depends on weight & destination.  The larger the order, the lower the per-LB cost of S&H, and lower the total cost.
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   First time ordering it? We know you'll love it once you tried it. Get your first jar for 1/2 S&H cost, and 10% off the actual coffee package. Tell us it's your first time. . No tax applies to any order.. 
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USA:     509-671-9966
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   ​The ingredients cost at this stage allows us to offer a net weight of approx. half lb. package (225g or 50 individual bags, each individual bag has approx. 4.5g) for a retail shelf price of $18.95

A half LB package renders approx. 75 regular size cups, for $18.95, at an approximate cost of 25 cents a cup.  

   While there are cheaper coffees, obviously, we don'r compare. The few cents more you'll pay, will offer you a truly revolutionary health food product.  We invite you to read the health report explaining the unique approach behind this concept and how we increased coffee's health benefits and decreased its harm.

Order 10+ units of half LB each, and get it at a resale/distributor price of $13.95/ half LB.  
$5 off each.

   Restaurant size orders of 5 LB package order is recommended for business operations, e.g. airlines, companies, factories, and hospitality services such as hotels, restaurants, cruise ships etc. This whole sale price of $25 per lb for this elite high-end health-food product, is a promotional offer.  Be one of the first hospitality businesses to sign with us and let’s negotiate a term of a number of years of a price-freeze at this price. 
   With an average 5g coffee per serving, a 5-LB package at a cost of $128, would produce an average 300-400 mugs (250 ml each) or about 600-800 regular drip-coffeemaker cups (based on personal taste). A retail revenue of $1,540 to $3,080 = $1,412 to $2,824 net profit per one single 5 lb package = 1,200 % to 2,400% profit.

Please view payment options & info on the right column.

Half-LB single package: $18.85 X ..... units (up to 9 units)
10 to 50 units of half-LB each: $13.95 X .... units
Large 5 LB package: $128 X .... units 
​Ordering your first jar? tell us and get 10% off = only $16.97 +  half S&H cost, based on destination. 
See our flyer for large quantity/distributor discount. S&H extra, based on weight & destination. No tax.