Optimum Green Environmental Consultants.
Research & commercial chartered Chemist-Scientists.
Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
Fee structure.
At Optimum Green Consultant Chemists, you will not be dealing with a lab technician or even a junior chemist. You'll be served by a doctor of chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, environmental studies, or refinery & industrial science. We simply don't compare. And we literally wrote the book on this science. 
Leave us a detailed case description, and we'll get back to you with an initial consultation date.

Please note that the following is a mere guideline, and that the actual total cost can be considerably higher depending on the nature of the case and any additional lab analysis that might be deemed necessary. Please also note that a service may involve more than one single category of the following table.  These guidleline figures are based on per diem, per scientist.
I-     The basic Chemist fee starts at $2,850 a day; 7 hours of lab and/or technical reports.
II-    Seminars, symposiums, and clinics instructor fee is $3250 per diem, excluding travel and        
       accommodation costs. Unless otherwise is stated, all figures are per diem / per chemist.
III-   Court cases, expert-witness fee: $8,500 per day, excluding accommodation and travel expenses. A 
       minimum non-refundable $20,000 reservation fee is required.
IV-   Initial consultations: $750 for a 30-minute session with a senior scientist.
V-    Technical consultations: $1,250 for a one-hour session. A technical consultation may only be      
       scheduled following an initial consultation.
VI-   Organic and inorganic sample analysis: Regardless of the number of samples and the parameters:
       This service involves a basic minimum bench setup fee of $650, a minim analyst pay of 8 hours, a              minimum technical reporting of 1 hour, and minimum reagents cost of $375.  Some of the following            analytical costs are also applicable.  The following analytical service fees (VII & VII) will apply.
VII-  The bench chemist(s) performing the wet and instrumental analysis cost per hour is $450. As 
       indicated, your case will be attended to by a doctor of science. In addition, the actual parameter per          sample cost will apply as indicated below.
​VIII- The lab fee per sample, per parameter starts at $265 provided it's a patch of a minimum 10 reports 
       (10 parameters and/or samples.) For a single parameter of a single sample, the lab fee starts at 
       $650. An additional minimum $1,000 admin fee applies. This includes technical report-writing, and             lab and administrative costs.
IX-   Field assessment-consultations are treated as one basic chemist fee per day, starting at $2,850.
X-    Scientific reports or assignments involving a technical report-writing: A $175/hr starting rate, with a
       minimum 5 hours contract. It may involve an administrative and lab combined fee of $200/hr. This fee          is kept low, not much higher than a mechanic garage rate, considering that it's often needed by 
       individuals as opposed to corporations. 
XI-   We also offer graduate students with tutoring programmes. The cost varies based on the number of 
       students per session and the level and length of the study. 
XII-  Consultations re. animal diet and animal sex-selection, including A.I. & In Vitro Fertilization are per            case determination. Our animal supplements are extra. 
XIII-  Consultation on human gender-selection is per-case, and is subject to specific qualifications, 
       regulations, and conditions. This involves a fee for our own MD Chemist's pharrmaceutical compound         utilized for spermatozoa separation. A qualified medical scientist, Ph.D., M.D., will work with your 
       physician when required by law. The average cost is $20,000
XIV- It is important to understand that these are estimated minimal guideline projections. It is likely that a          service would entail several of the preceding fees, and at a higher cost. A contract may cost as little 
       as $5000, or as much as $250,000,  even considerably higher. 
       You'll be given a clearer picture at the initial consultation session. 

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