Optimum Green Environmental Consultants.
Research & commercial chartered Chemist-Scientists.
Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
Optimum Green 
If you don't hear back from us within a week, please follow up with a call. 

604-670-5714  CAN.
509-671-9966  USA.

Leave us a detailed message about the area of service you seek. 
The nature of our operation, the assignment of the right chemist, in the right area, to the right project, may at times conflict with other assignments in progress, causing a few extra days of delayed response. Thank you.

You may also contact the senior assigning chemists directly:  

Dr. Paul Gouda
PaulGouda@ChemistsAssociation.com  or,
Gouda@Chemist.com     250-802-6975

Dr. Emad Salib
EmadSaleeb@Chemist.com     604-343-5251  

Dr. Robert Munshaw
RMunshaw@MedicalJournal.com     509-671-9966

Communication via mail: 
Dr. Paul Gouda  Optimum Green Assignments.
Unit 1  -  50 Harewood Rd.  
Nanaimo   British Columbia
Canada  V9R 5X5
Contact Optimum Green Consultant-Chemists
At Optimum Green, our attentive Consultant-Chemists are only happy to answer your questions and ensure you are 100% satisfied. Email, mail, or call us with the details of your required service.

Our six main autonomous chemist-scientists work independently, and assignments are decided based on service location and nature. The assignments chemist will forward your case to the appropriate scientist who will then contact you. Thank you for your interest in out operation. We strive to remain the elite best.  
Dr. Emad Salib: 604-343-5251         Dr. Paul Gouda: 250-802-6975          Dr. Samuel Homues: 806-230-1387           Dr. Robert Munshaw 509-671-9966