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Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
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   ​If you are using products such as viagra and cialis, we urge you to stop and investigate this better alternative. We invite you to read the scientific data and independent reports on this product. At a time where many harmful products, and many fake and scam claims are saturating the market, you need to take a look at this alternative approach, introduced by a globally renowned Chemists firm, and was recommended by EDRL as the true and safe answer. 
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   The attached material presents all the pertinent scientific and legal documentations. 

 The commercial aspect of the project has been recently acquired by the European pharma manufacturer Abiogen Italy, on a conditional two-year implementation agreement, during which conditional distribution for direct personal use in North America is allowed directly through OPCL here.  Commercial resale, large quantity orders over 1000 pills will be referred to Abiogen  Pharma.

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