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Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
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About Optimum Green Chemists
Optimum Green Chemist-Consultants Co. was first founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by Dr. Paul Gouda, and Dr. Emad Saleeb. The operation expanded to include company Chemist-Reps in Canada and USA; utilizing two company-owned laboratories in Canada & USA, and seven other special-use arrangements labs. The chemists work together on assigned projects under the chairmanship of Dr. Salib and Dr. Gouda.

The technical council of OGL consists of doctors of chemistry and medicine who published several medical journals, and SOP research papers in several disciplines including environmental & analytical chemistry, pharmacology & medical research, and contributed to the development of several OGL health supplements and food products.  

This page presents the most senior and active OGL directors:  
Dr. Paul Gouda,    Dr. Emad Saleeb,    Dr. Robert Munshaw,    Dr. Samuel Homues, 
Dr. Danial heikins,  and  Dr. Peter Prosiki.

They represent near two centuries of combined experience in a wide scope of disciplines: 

* Inorganic and organic analytical chemistry.
* Pharmacology and medical research.
* Health & safety studies.
* Food and supplementary products.
* Environmental studies.
* Industrial and refinery operations.

Our Miracle team works together, complete and contribute to create the ultimate service.

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​OGL is the Consultant choice of many giant operations in the fields of pharma and medical research, food and health products, refinery and chemical industries, and environmental research:  

Pepsi, Engle Hard Industries, GFR Pharma, Agropur Food, Umicore Precious Metals, Sarnia, Husky Energy, Jazan refinery, Torrance, Danone Food Products, Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals, Abbott Bio Laboratories, The Government of Canada, BC Ministry of Health, The City of LA and others.

Our Chemist-Doctors traveled in person, and/or offered conference consultations. Our Directors have also flown across the globe to conduct clinics, lecture at special graduate sessions, and to speak at seminars and symposiums.

We also offered hundreds of sample analysis for environmental, pharmaceutical, medical, and forensic purposes.

Needless to say, our services are not the cheapest. There are many commercial labs that offer cheap analytical services or consultations. We don’t compare. Your sample or case will not be attended to by a lab technician or a junior chemist. It will be assigned to a senior C. Chem. who is a doctor of chemistry, medicine, or the pertinent area of science; with a Ph.D., Ed.D., Sc.D., or MD.

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