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S & H costs.
This is an illustrative guide-line sample case:

For our S&H, we utilized a small S&H local business nearby, run by a single parent. She provides a reliable, prompt and affordable service.
For a typical one box, the handling cost is 1 hr labour, $20 for her time and travel expense to and from supplies stores, the lab, and the post office.
Material cost is approx. $6 for a box and $3 for wrapping material, a total of approx. $29.

A 3.5 kg box containing 6 glass jars of dog supplements product: 
The box, to allow for item protection wrapping,  is about 15 "X 11" X 7"
With $200 insurance, a required signature upon receipt, tracking number, and expedited service, withing the province, is under $30 shipping/postage cost.

Shipping cost of lighter and smaller packages, e.g. pills, would be less.