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Meet the Founder-Operator.
Dr. Paul Gouda, C.Chem., PRMD., Ph.D.
A casual page, presenting the man behind the inception of the operation back in 1992 in Ontario.. 
Dr. Paul H. Ramses Gouda as a scientist, an author, and an individual.

Dr. Gouda's scholastic training started with the medical school. Practicing medicine however wasn't his dream job, and he switched to pharmacology and analytical chemistry. His studies and research at three universities landed him another doctorate in ultra-trace analytical chemistry. He authored several analytical methods that were named after him, and several university textbooks in chemistry, as well as a medical book in gender selection. 

His books in science include:
- Mercury, ultra trace analysis:     
  diphenylthiocarbozone to atomic 
- As, Se, Sb ultra trace analysis.
- Hormonal chemical manipulation for 
  medical research.
- Choosing the sex of your baby.

While working as a senior chemist at EPL, Barringer Research and OGL, he indulged into evening studies at Toronto university, this time strictly for fun, studying literature, and he obtained another degree in a totally unrelated disciple. He authored several poetry and social study books, and a novel. 

His books in literature include:
-  Intoxicated emotions.
​- The scent of the full moon.
- The purple dream.
- The sound of high heels.
- Survival of the cutest. 

His books in philosophical poetry have earned several prestigious literature awards, including being selected to have selected work published in the "Best Poets & Poems" in 2010, and the "Literature Stars" publications, 2011. He was nominated and successfully selected the 2011 recipient of the Global WPS's best poet of the year award. 
His novel is being considered by several Hollywood agents to make the wide screen. 

Dr. Gouda's books are available at Chapters and Coles bookstores in Canada, and at Barnes & Noble bookstores in USA. Tour his books via:


Paul moved to BC from Ontario, in 1998, and raised his only son as a single parent. For 14 years, it was just Paul, his son, and his Great Dane. His son, Pelé, is now a college student who lives on campus, and Paul leads a quiet single life as an author and a consultant, downtown a small coastal city on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia.   

Paul is a fanatic footballer "soccer."  He still plays in a 45+ old-timers league. He is an international figure in soccer having been appointed overseas as a national technical development director. He also led an active life as a senior referee, and referee instructor & assessor. He wrote a training manual for referee instructors & assessors in BC, and for over 12 years, he was the editor-in-chief of 4 soccer magazines in Canada.

Dr. Gouda founded OGL back in Ontario, and has chaired its board ever since.  He now considers himself semi-retired, though he "only" organizes the technical assignments, and occasionally would conduct the rare clinic or symposium, or would offer a consultation. He is attempting to enjoy the life of a single man who is an author, and a part-time chemist. 

... On a personal note, in a recent interview, he commented about debating a renewal of the fatherhood experience. He missed the days of raising his son. The bedtime story, Simba, and Baloo, and the whole parenthood deal with its pleasures and pressures. His son is now a young man in college. "Perhaps a girl this time," he said, perhaps facetiously. He added, "I just have to find her mother first."  He went on to comment, "I argued, if David Letterman and Robert DeNiro who are older than me could do it... but again, I think it's time to enjoy social life again.  And perhaps there is still another new chapter awaiting," he commented, poetically.  

Dr. Gouda's future plans focus on securing the investments for OGL's projects and a global distribution of the health coffee, and the men's health supplement. These projects promise a great potential. Visit the "Products & Projects" page. And, he is busy promoting his novel, with the apparent potential of it making Hollywood. He is also working on his next book. 
Book signing tours are another activity on his list.

Dr. Gouda welcomes correspondence, whether on science, or literature. He can be reached at
any of the following email addresses: