Optimum Green Environmental Consultants.
Research & commercial chartered Chemist-Scientists.
Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
Public Library.
Health issues. Short notes written for the layman. Public material.

Simplified material by science sources and/or presented based on personal experience, by laymen for layman.
Simplified documentary videos for TV audience. 

Watch with your children and loved ones. Good public health & safety cases.  
Four video documentary cases: Mold and its effect on memory loss. Bacteria in raw beef.  A single bite of raw beef or fish can be deadly.  Fungi and hyphomycetes.
Four video documentary cases:  Parasites.  Salmonella. Diatoms.  Thyrotoxicosis. 
Four videos on drug use and effects: MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, Marijuana, and about hallucination.  
Videos on the use and effects of different drugs.