Optimum Green Environmental Consultants.
Research & commercial chartered Chemist-Scientists.
Instructors and Consultants in chemical, pharmaceutical and medical arenas. 
Public Library.
Health issues. Short notes written for the layman. Public material.
Reading material.

Simplified from medical journals and scientific research papers into basic layman language
Simplified documentary videos for TV audience. 

Watch with your children and loved ones. Good public health & safety cases.  
Four video documentary cases: Mold and its effect on memory loss. Bacteria in raw beef.  A single bite of raw beef or fish can be deadly.  Fungi and hyphomycetes.
Four video documentary cases:  Parasites.  Salmonella. Diatoms.  Thyrotoxicosis. 
Four videos on drug use and effects: MDMA/ecstasy, LSD, Marijuana, and about hallucination.